Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp
Adversaries are always learning, adapting, and deploying new techniques to undermine your network and turn it against itself and the organization. Do you have what it takes to be a Cyber Defense Analyst?
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CDA Curriculum
Practical Cyber Security
Understand the security landscape that encompasses Information Technology (IT), Information Security (InfoSec), and Cyber Security. Learn how to identify and quantify risk, discover and prioritize threats, vulnerabilities and how that knowledge is applied.
Understanding communications, networking protocols, networking devices and how to analyze the respective logical and physical components of networking is one of the most crucial skills to learn, adapt, and master as a Cyber Defense Analyst.
Windows Enterprise Network
The Windows domain is the battlefield where insider threats and malicious adversaries conduct their attacks. Knowing how these networks operate is a critical step in your ability to discover the bad within.
Advanced Windows OS
The business workstation of choice is a Windows OS. A deep understanding of it’s inner workings ensures you have the knowledge and skill to triage and assess systems that are potentially compromised. Dive into the process of remote management, forensic triage and operational security.
Security Operations
Triage, forensic, and analysis skills can only get you so far on your own. The organization needs scalable, measured, responsive and proactive security. It must be vigilant and must align with business goals and ultimately reduce operational risk to within an acceptable limit.
Cyber Threat Intelligence
In this module we will discuss what threat intelligence is, and how it is collected, analyzed, and compiled into useful information. You will learn how to gain insight on threat actor behavior with the goal of learning how to predict and prevent malicious activity based on attack patterns.
Linux OS
In this module we’ll introduce you to the Linux operating system and gain proficiency in how to operate it. You’ll learn how to navigate the operating system, manage applications, as well as manage permissions. Next, you’ll learn how to triage a Linux system looking for common indicators of compromise.
Adversary Tactics
In this module you will build upon your skills in Linux by learning how adversaries exploit vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to systems, bypass common access controls, and maintain a form of persistence. Finally, you’ll learn how to use Command and Control (C2) frameworks like known adversaries.
Network and Computer Forensics
Forensics are the historians of our digital networks. They reconstruct and provide insights on events and activity within a temporal context. Extract vital clues and indicators to improve intelligence, scope a breach, or assist in an ongoing incident.
Memory and Malware Analysis
Delve into analyzing and the reverse engineering of malicious binaries and files to understand the capabilities, goals, and objectives of our adversaries. Identify and extrac key indicators of compromise to be used in your analysis and scoping of the breach.
Threat Hunting
It’s a matter of when, not if a network will be compromised. Using that mantra and empowered with the latest threat intelligence and knowledge of adversary tactics; search for the persistent network threat hiding in your network. The culmination of your experience and skill are brought to bear on your network to hunt for adversaries within.
Practical Cyber Triage
The application of knowledge and skill to a problem is just the begining to identifying a solution. Development and refinement of a process will make our tasks more streamlined and repeatable. This module will focus on contextual triage scenarios to assist in defining and refining our triage process.
Cyber Defense Certified Professional™ (CDCP)
The CDCP is a practical application of the knowledge, tools, techniques, and procedures acquired through the CDA course. The CDCP is filling a gap in cyber defense certification for both the hard and soft skills that are required and in high demand within the cyber community.

This is accomplished through a battery of real-world security operations scenarios that students must overcome and articulate in a detailed report that includes the appropriate executive summary, findings, recommendations and remediation steps along with applicable evidence. A holder of the CDCP has demonstrated the knowledge, skill, and practical application to work within a security operations team.
Course Expectations
This course was designed to provide a practical and real-world experience for students. The objective is to empower students with realistic and applicable skills that can be applied on the job. Do not take the challenge lightly.
  • Students will access our learning management systems, Foundry™, to review course material, consume lecture videos and complete foundational labs. In class, students will work with instructors to overcome complex scenario based capstone challenges that reinforce core concepts and curriculum topics.
  • Students are expected to apply core concepts toward solving and overcoming challenges.
Who Should Attend
  • Those interested in getting into the cybersecurity field.
  • IT personnel who need to know how to defend networks from attack.
  • Managers and operations personnel who require a deeper technical understanding of cyber defense beyond simple terms and concepts.
CDA Course Details
  • Tuition: $8,000
  • Duration: 13 Weeks
  • Delivery: Live Online
  • Schedule: Mon-Thur (7-9pm CST)
  • Students Receive: 
    - Certificate of Course Completion
    - CDCP Certification Attempt

    - Lifetime Course Access
    - Access to Course Updates
    - Course Notes
Course Schedule
Spring 2021
  • 25 Jan 2021
Summer 2021
  • 3 May 2021
Fall 2021
    • 6 Sep 2021
    Spring 2022
    • 3 Jan 2022
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