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Our services come with seasoned experience of prior members from the U.S. Intelligence Community. Level Effect is a team of cyber operators and intelligence analysts with proven experience in strategic, tactical, offensive, and defensive cyber operations.  

We can drive your business further with standardized services like vulnerability assessments and penetration testing, or custom offerings like advanced adversary emulation in a Red Team Operations engagement.
Penetration Testing
Identify vulnerabilities missed by traditional scanners with manual interrogation of security controls, protocols, network and system configurations. Once found, vulnerabilities are probed and verified through test exploitation, then documented for remediation. Gain an adversary’s insight into the likelihood and severity of a network breach and the remediation steps to reduce or eliminate that risk.
Network Penetration Test
A thorough assessment of workstations, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, servers, network management assets, network architecture, protocols, and associated configurations.
Web Application Penetration Test
Discover risks through manual analysis to identify chained vulnerabilities during unauthenticated and authenticated testing. Level Effect will look for common attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting (XXS) as well as harder to find vulnerabilities, like possible authorization abuse and SQL Injection.
Industry Best Practices
Although Level Effect brings a unique perspective to the engagement,  we adhere to industry best practices in testing and reporting to ensure quality and reproducibility of findings. Level Effect follows the standards set forth by NIST SP 800-115, PTES, and the OWASP  foundation for all Penetration Testing engagements.
Red Team Operations
Advanced and persistent threats range from organized crime to Nation-State entities. Leverage Level Effect's experience as prior U.S. DoD cyber operators to put your network and security team to the test. Level Effect's Red Team Operators will work tirelessly to socially engineer, exploit, persist, and control your network to emulate the behaviors and tactics of the world's most advanced threat actors. Gain insights into detecting and countering these sophisticated tactics and techniques.
Infrastructure Security Assessment
Rely on Level Effect to assist in auditing your physical, virtual, and cloud networks. Identify misconfigurations, inefficient segmentation, account and access vulnerabilities, risky cloud services, and the potential for data leakage. Level Effect will provide recommendations  and configuration strategies to secure these network assets. Our goal is to help you create a secure architectural foundation to build upon.
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