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Hear what our alumni and others and have to say about Level Effect!

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Longer more detailed testimonials shared directly to us by our alumni upon graduation.

West Carr-1
I spoke with a college friend that went through the Level Effect training and successfully switched from nursing to cybersecurity—he had many positive things to say about the bootcamp. The initial informational call I had with Will sold me—his passion and vision for the bootcamp hooked me and I signed up the next day. Working with Rob on malware analysis was my favorite part but the most difficult and ultimately rewarding was the CTI week with Anthony. CTI week was hard, and I faced a lot of self-doubt, but by the time I took my CDCP and received my results, it was the biggest confidence boost to get positive feedback on that section and it really helped me feel like I deserve to be here in this industry. In terms of my current job, the weeks covering ELK really gave me a leg up in my SOC position over the other new hires. When I got notice I was chosen for the first interview for my SOC job, I panicked. I reached out to Will in the morning and that afternoon we had a meeting. He ran me through potential questions, what to expect, and most importantly for me, a pep talk that I sorely needed. I aced all the interviews and was hired within two days.
West Carr
Brenden Matos-1
The instructors were people first and foremost, and they had a wealth of knowledge. Their passion for cyber and other areas is palpable and makes you want to strive for more. The course structure albeit rigorous leads to so many worthwhile skills it felt incomparable to any other program. My favorite week would have to be the Linux week by far because it was a little foreign. It was a puzzle among puzzles and required you to think outside the box. It's not about how much you know about Linux but how you can reason your way out of a problem. This course has been life-changing in many ways, and I couldn't ask for a better opportunity. The Discord is filled with a wealth of knowledge and assistance.
Brenden Matos
Michael Walker-1
Level Effect had a good brand reputation and was consistently praised by students on social media in a way that I hadn't heard before. Phrases like "it's all you need to start in cyber" got me interested enough to sign up. Linux week, and team triaging malware. Working as a team hunting down evidence of malware became like a sport and our team leaned on each other for everything from analysis to report writing. Level Effect gave me the confidence that the knowledge and skills gained during my time was applicable, relevant and valuable to organisations. Teaching isn't easy, especially technical subjects around cyber, and it was clear that the instructors put a lot of time and energy into something they are clearly passionate about. Having educators like that is super rare, and I feel very fortunate to be an alum.
Michael Walker
Patrick Wojno-1
The inquiring interviews (the ones you can make before deciding to pay) were what sold me. I got two perspectives and both came off as instructors performing a passionate project to teach others. Static malware analysis with Rob is really high up on my list of favorite topics covered, especially with how quickly he was able to perform each analysis to show the speed that the students can reach with enough practice. I saw Level Effect's CDA program a lot like a hands-on lab course from a university, and even then the experience topped that. I've heard alumni compare the course to that of an apprenticeship, and I'd have to agree that is what it resembles most.
Patrick Wojno
Ismar Diaz-1
Level Effect isn't like any other training program you will find out there! This course has a primary focus on giving you real world hands-on experience. You will not only learn the basics of cybersecurity, but you will also be trained and ready to take on your first entry-level position as a SOC analyst. I had so much fun in my experience, and I couldn't recommend it enough!
Ismar Diaz
Maria Cadavid-1
Level Effect has a friendly environment. They care about their students and are willing to help them to grow in their new career. Level Effect's CDA program was the best decision I ever made in my entire career. The professors and team are outstanding!
Maria Cadavid
Nicolas Diamond-1
This is the third security bootcamp I've taken and by far the best experience I've had. I chose to take this course because it has a heavy emphasis on Windows and defense techniques which I could directly apply to my day-to-day work. I would HIGHLY recommend taking this course if you are new in cybersecurity industry or are looking to get started.
Nicolas Diamond
Gregory Melton-1
The CDA program is an incredible course with the most relevant real-world materials I have seen to date. The instructors have a special blend of entertainment, education, and true expertise that made it fun to learn in-depth cyber concepts remotely. I initially had my doubts about a virtual course with this timeline, but I quickly found the pace and unique set up convenient and engaging.

The materials covered in this course will put the student at a distinct advantage in technical interviews and substantially lower the barrier to entry across the cyber realm.
Gregory Melton

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