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Learn to become A Cyber Defender, A Threat Hunter, A Penetration Tester, An Incident Responder, An Intelligence Analyst, A Forensic Analyst, A Detection Engineer, A Malware Analyst


Gain the practical skills a cybersecurity career commands from former NSA analysts and cybersecurity experts in our 14-week Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp.

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Why Level Effect?

Glad you asked.


We have world-class instructors.

Our four instructors (who also built our courses) have nearly 40 years of combined, diversified cybersecurity experience. Some of their past roles include NSA cyber operators, cyber specialists at the Department of Defense (US Intelligence), and various roles in the private industry.

They’re here because they share a passion: to make cyberspace a safer place by educating the next generation of cybersecurity experts.

Meet Our Instructors

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We have one of the best cybersecurity bootcamps in the world.

While there’s no shortage of cybersecurity bootcamps out there, few cut out the fluff and focus on what matters. We do.

Our bootcamp is hands-on, practical, and immersive. Instead of stringing together a bootcamp experience that covers more theory than practice, we offer a unique and impactful experience that empowers students to use the cyber skills they’re learning in real-world scenarios.

Plus–and not to brag–but our alumni consistently rate our bootcamp five stars across the board. And Course Report, a global authority for online education, ranked us as one of the best cybersecurity bootcamps in the world. It’s not bragging if it’s the truth, right?

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Our bootcamp counts as 47 credits toward a Cybersecurity Degree at Purdue University Global.

If your goal is to earn a cybersecurity degree, our bootcamp is a good pit stop.

Purdue University Global recognizes our Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp as having the material to cover 47 credits toward their Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity degree.See Credits Covered


We're more than a bootcamp.

We don't just teach the material and send you on your way. We assist our alumni with transitioning to the workforce and becoming cybersecurity professionals in the real world.

We help our alumni build a competitive cybersecurity resume, prepare for interviews through mock sessions, and network to land the job they want.


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Our Alumni Get Hired at

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