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VetSec Scholarship

Full and partial scholarships for Active Duty Military Members and Veterans


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Active Duty Military or Veteran?

We're proud to partner with https://www.vetsec.org/, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help employ all veterans who want to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

We provide TWO VetSec members with a full scholarship to attend our program each cohort. In addition, VetSec members receive a $500 discount (10% off!) on our listed course price if they don't pursue scholarship.

Details on how to apply are available to VetSec members:
  1. Visit the VetSec website by clicking the registration button below

  2. Complete the "Join Us" registration form at the top

  3. Once you're a member you'll see posts in the VetSec Slack #announcements channel when to apply (stay active beforehand!)

  4. You'll see a notice go up about 2 weeks before the scholarship deadline (which is about 6 weeks before each cohort start date)

  5. You'll have further details in the notice such as providing your resume, your career goals, and to answer some questions

  6. Wait for the draw date and congratulations if you're selected!

  7. If you're not selected - we still offer partial scholarships with a heavy discount that can still be financed

Thank you for your service!
*Please note that our Open Doors scholarship is not open to recipients of a VetSec scholarship.

Register at VetSec