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Level Effect uses digital badges to award recognition of completion and mastery

Level Effect Digital Badges

We award our students using Badgr, a digital badging service, so they can easily share their accomplishments on their resumes and social profiles. Check out our Badge Links for greater detail on each individual badge.


Cybersecurity Foundations

Complete four modules running 12+ hours of content and successfully pass a series of challenging assessments to be awarded the Cybersecurity Foundations digital badge.


Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp

Complete 13 weeks of rigorous challenges, execute and present multiple deliverables, and complete three capstone assignments to be awarded the Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp digital badge.


Cyber Defense Certified Professional

Demonstrate mastery of tradecraft by successfully completing five real-world challenges over seven days culminating in a report covering the scope, risk, and impact of adversary actions against the network in your charge. 


GOLD Cyber Defense Certified Professional

Only valid on your first attempt. An exceptional submission demonstrating the highest tier of tradecraft mastery puts you in the top 5%, setting you apart with a GOLD level certification of the CDCP.

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