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Detection Engineer 1 (DE1)

Prove you can detect the threat.

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NOTE - This certification is still under development. Anticipating end of Q1 to early Q2 release. Join the waitlist and stay tuned!

DE1 Certification

This is a chance for you to prove your mettle in a practical gauntlet of Detection Engineering, Malware Analysis, and Attack Emulation. Examinees will be expected to execute full-spectrum detection engineering operations and produce professional reports on analysis, emulations, and detections.

Examinees that pass this examination have demonstrated the ability and knowledge to integrate into a threat detection engineering program - and possess a skill set highly applicable to any security operation function.

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Entirely Practical. No Multiple Choice.

We don’t believe in multiple choice exams. Prove you know what you’re doing in a multi-faceted exam made to assess your ability to integrate into a team. Reports are reviewed by a seasoned professional that knows what it takes.

Custom, Real-World Malware

Our custom malware samples utilize techniques that can be seen in the wild. These aren’t one off “gotchas” in an attempt to make you fail the exam.

Manually Graded by the Exam Authors with Feedback

Each report is reviewed and assessed by instructors of the program who provide feedback designed to ensure takers know where they can improve regardless of the attempt outcome. 

Malware Analysis

Perform malware analysis on samples utilizing real-world techniques, assessing techniques and evasion methods, to assist in threat detection efforts.

Attack Emulation

Emulate attack techniques on a system to generate logs for analysis, enabling rapid-response detection engineering when a proof of concept isn’t available.

Detection Engineering

Perform full-cycle detection engineering, including creation, testing, documentation, CI/CD pipelines, and more to truly structure your work.


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