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Exclusive training from Level Effect and GTK Cyber

We're partnering with GTK Cyber to offer additional live cybersecurity training experiences.

Available Courses

We currently offer two courses in partnership with GTK Cyber:

Python Programming for Data Science and Cybersecurity

The Python Programming for Data Science and Cybersecurity course will introduce cybersecurity professionals to Python, Jupyter notebooks, and basic statistics. The purpose of this course is to prepare the cybersecurity professional with the foundational knowledge required to take the Applied Data Science for Cybersecurity course. This course requires no prerequisites or knowledge of programming or mathematics.

Hands-on labs, lectures, quizzes and sample code will provide an active learning experience for optimal retention. The course will cover the basics of Python programming using Jupyter notebooks (a popular, user-friendly IDE). Basic statistical methods will be reviewed using the python programming knowledge learned in this course. Exercises and quizzes are provided throughout the course to let you check your knowledge along the way.

At the end of the course, an exam is given to provide a formal way to demonstrate what was learned. Participants who earn a grade of 80% or higher on the exam will receive a course completion certificate.

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Applied Data Science and AI for Cybersecurity

The Applied Data Science and AI for Cybersecurity interactive course will teach cybersecurity professionals how to use data science techniques to quickly manipulate and analyze network and security data and ultimately uncover valuable insights from this data. Through cutting-edge labs and real-world data sets, students will gain real and applicable knowledge in data science and artificial intelligence as specifically applied to cybersecurity challenges.

The course will cover the entire artificial intelligence process from data preparation, feature engineering and selection, exploratory data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, model evaluation and optimization, and finally, implementing at scale—all with a focus on security related problems. Participants will learn how to read data in a variety of common formats, and then write scripts to analyze and visualize the data in meaningful ways.

The course is specifically designed to provide sophisticated training in data science and AI as applied to cybersecurity-related challenges and scenarios. Additionally, it is highly recommended for participants to take our Python Programming for Data Science and Cybersecurity course to be comfortable with the basics of Python programming, but it is not required to in order to take this course.

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Bundle and Save

Interested in taking both courses? Enroll in both and you'll receive a $500 discount.

Meet the Instructors


Charles Givre, CISSP

CEO, Data Scientist

Charles Givre is a solutions-focused Senior Technical Executive and Data Scientist with 20+ years of success across the technology, data science, fintech, education, and cybersecurity industries.


Curtis Lambert, CISSP

CTO & Senior Instructor

Curtis is a Lead Data Scientist at DataDistillr who enjoys creating in both the digital and physical worlds. Before joining DataDistillr and GTK he conducted cyber security analysis for the U.S. Army and DOD in roles ranging from data scientist to malware reverse engineer.

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