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Network-Aware EDR.
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Unparalleled visibility with Level Effect's network-aware endpoint agent, Recon, and expert services to tackle your toughest challenges.

We are Level Effect. Product, services, and training born and battle-tested from within the U.S. Intelligence Community.
Recon™Expert Services
The median time to detect a network compromise is 71 days
Network defenders have a home field advantage when dealing with cyber intrusions and adversaries, but this advantage requires complex and costly network instrumentation and tooling to accomplish.
Recon is Network-Aware Endpoint Detection & Response
Recon is an advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) capability which is the first endpoint solution that merges endpoint forensics with deep network traffic visibility in one agent. Recon can see what is happening internally and externally to the protected endpoint to provide unparalleled visibility and detection of advanced threats that have evaded traditional preventative technologies.
Combined Network and Endpoint Visibility
Utilize operating system, user, application, and network telemetry to  triage faster and with higher confidence.
Identify and Respond to Malicious Behaviors and Anomalies
Manage your risk and respond to threats with integrated threat intelligence, behavioral indicators and Level Effect's advanced cyber analytics.

Vulnerability and Asset Management
Track and Identify network assets, endpoint vulnerabilities and system misconfigurations.

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The Level Effect team is professional, knowledgeable and customer centric. They helped one of my Fortune 500 clients following a cyber breach with forensic data, mitigation strategies to avoid future breaches and a detailed report with complete documentation within 4 days of showing up onsite!
We had LE perform a pen test for a client. Super impressed with their experience and capabilities. Will continue to go back for additional services.
Due to the data silos in our SOC, responding to potential incidents consumes a lot of our time. Recon reduced the time to triage one event from 4 hours to minutes!
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Expert Services
Leverage our years of experience as intelligence analysts and cyber operators from within the U.S. Intelligence Community to bring unique value, insights and capabilities to your organization. Protect your network and manage your risk with Level Effect.

Let us do what we do best - so you can focus on doing what you do best.
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