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Advance your technical skills or begin your journey in cyber security, data science, and IT.
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World Class Instructors
The creators and instructors teaching on Foundry come with years of experience as offensive and defensive cyber operators and intelligence analysts within the DoD, U.S. Intelligence and private industry.
Immersive Training
Foundry™ is a modern cyber learning platform to review course material, watch lecture videos, master labs and defend against attacks right in your browser. There’s no software for you to download or hardware for you to purchase.
All Cyber, No Filler
All courses and content focus on security and are combined with real-world practical application and use-cases. Learn the skills needed to obtain employment in the field of cybersecurity or to advance your career with new tactics, techniques and procedures.

What people are saying...

"This is the 3rd security boot camp I've taken and by far the best experience I've had. The other students in the class were all great to work with and helped me learn when I got stuck. The instructors were phenomenal and always willing to answer questions."
"The CDA Bootcamp is an incredible course with the most relevant real-world materials I have seen to date. The LE staff have a special blend of entertainment, education and true expertise that made it fun to learn in-depth cyber concepts remotely."
"The course was completely embedded in their proprietary learning platform so the level of ease spinning up VMs and having connectivity between machines was something I've never seen before."
Courses on Foundry™
Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp
Level Effect
Adversaries are always learning, adapting, and deploying new techniques to undermine your network and turn it against itself and the organization. Do you have what it takes to be a Cyber Defense Analyst?
Pentesting: Attack & Defense
Level Effect
Penetration Testing is a combination of tradecraft and process to identify and exploit known vulnerabilities in a target network. In this course you will dive into the technical skills and process required to successfully exploit vulnerable systems.
Applied Data Science and ML
GTK Cyber
This interactive course will teach cybersecurity professionals how to use data science techniques to quickly manipulate and analyze network and security data and ultimately uncover valuable insights from this data.
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