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Celebrating the Successes of Our Fall 2022 Cohort

Celebrating the Successes of Our Fall 2022 Cohort

We've got a lot to celebrate on behalf of our Fall 2022 Cohort. 🙂

If you follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, you've likely seen our feeds blow up with good news. Our Fall 2022 Cohort is being hired, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate with them!

Nikolas DutraNikolas Dutra

You may remember reading about Niko in our scholarship blogs (see part one and part two!) for our Fall 2022 Cohort. He was our VetSec Scholarship recipient. He excelled in the bootcamp, even earning Gold on his CDCP exam!

Employers took note, and he's just landed a role as a Support Analyst at Keyfactor, the leader in crypto-agility and PKI-as-a-Service!

Check out the video below, where Niko shares his advice for future CDA students—and what the experience was like in the bootcamp.

Christina McCurdy-1Christina McCurdy

Christina's name may ring a bell, too, as she was our second scholarship recipient in Fall 2022. She received our Open Doors Scholarship and was extremely excited to dive into cybersecurity.

Her hard work paid off, as she's now a Cyber Apprentice at Boeing, a leading global aerospace company!

Aaron MarteAaron Marte

Aaron was another stellar student in our CDA Bootcamp last fall. He's now working as an Incident Response Manager at Verisk, a technology company that delivers critical analytic insights to the global insurance marketplace!


Jason MainesJason Maines

Joining the list of good news bearers is Jason Maines from our cohort last fall. He's landed a role as Senior Field Support Rep at Silvus Technologies, a wireless technology company!


Jake BigelowJake Bigelow

Jake took an interest in pentesting—because let's be honest, that's an interesting gig even if you know next to nothing about cyber.

His hard work has landed him a role as Penetration Tester at NetSPI, a cyber company that offers penetration testing, attack surface management, and breach and attack simulation!

Andrew HendelAndrew Hendel

Andrew's put in the work and is now starting a new role as Staff Engineer at Booz Allen Hamilton! Booz Allen Hamilton is a global professional services company that provides a broad range of solutions in management, technology, consulting, and engineering.


Troy WaltersTroy Walters

We're also singing Troy's praises, as he's landed a job as a Security Operations Center Analyst at Lodestone! Lodestone assists clients with securing their environments, detecting threats, responding to incidents, and protecting reputations.


West CarrWest Carr

West Carr is starting a new role as SOC Analyst I at ELK Analytics! This company offers a managed SIEM and EDR platform with 24/7 SOC services to help partners monitor, detect, and respond to threats.

Someone was paying attention during SecOps week. 😉

KraigKraig Shields

We're happy to share that Kraig Shields has begun a new role as GSOC Operations Analyst at Security Industry Specialists! This is another cybersecurity company that touts executive protection, threat and risk assessments, investigations, and a number of other hands-on services.

Joseph Harrison

And finally, Joseph Harrison has landed a role as Security Engineer at George Jon! George Jon enables scalable, performant, and affordable discovery, governance, and investigation platforms for users worldwide. Joseph will surely stay busy, as George Jon currently manages 3,078 hosts, 429,188 items, and 11,525 TB of data. 😅


We're so proud of our alumni and love hearing about their successes and lives post-bootcamp. Congratulations to our Fall 2022 Cohort—and thank you for letting us be part of your journey in cybersecurity!

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