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Cybersecurity Foundations

A training pathway of three individual fundamentals courses in IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance

A New Cybersecurity Foundations Experience is Here!

Over the past three years, we've received a ton of feedback from students who took our Cybersecurity Foundations course. They wanted a more immersive experience that better prepares them for the Cyber Defense Analyst Program. Now, we're ready to unveil a better, more hands-on experience.

We're excited to release our new Cybersecurity Foundations course, available now.

We hope you enjoy the new course. We can't wait to hear what you think!

Free Cybersecurity Training for Beginners

The Cybersecurity Foundations training pathway consists of three separate courses (IT Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, and Compliance Fundamentals) designed for anyone who wants to explore the field of cybersecurity.

These courses provide a solid foundation in cybersecurity, covering topics such as operating systems, networking, cryptography, incident response, and compliance.

The entire training pathway takes around 16-20+ hours to complete, spanning around 40 videos and 65 guided labs with knowledge checks. Additional quizzes and challenges live throughout the course to test students' competency and knowledge. Students who enroll will get instructor and community support on our Discord server.

Digital badges are awarded after completing each course and a final Cybersecurity Foundations badge is awarded after completing all three.

Note: This course serves as a prerequisite for our paid course offering, the Cyber Defense Analyst Program. Cyber Defense Analyst students must achieve the Cybersecurity Foundations badge before enrolling.


Explore the Curriculum

Our Cybersecurity Foundations training pathway consists of a variety of videos, quizzes, and guided labs that cover IT, cybersecurity, and compliance basics. This free on-demand course will expose you to the core theory, practical skills, and training needed to begin your cybersecurity journey.

We recommend completing the training pathway in the order outlined below (IT Fundamentals, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, and Compliance Fundamentals), but if you've got a little cyber experience under your belt, you may be able to switch up that order, depending on what you want to learn.



IT Fundamentals

Course outcome: Students will develop basic competency of Windows, Linux, and Network Traffic Analysis, layering a solid foundation of good security being good systems administration first and foremost.

Learn more about IT Fundamentals



Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Course outcome: Students will learn the fundamental knowledge of cryptography, log and event analytics, and cyber threat intelligence and how they help support mitigating common cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Learn more about Cybersecurity Fundamentals




Compliance Fundamentals

Course outcome: Students will learn the overarching "why" of cybersecurity in the forms of governance, risk management, and compliance and will be able to audit compliance against frameworks and/or requirements.

Learn more about Compliance Fundamentals


Why Our Cybersecurity Foundations Training Pathway?

A good place to start your cybersecurity journey

Good security starts with good systems administration. Our Cybersecurity Foundations training pathway will help you learn those fundamentals to lay the groundwork to acquire additional skills.

A layered learning approach

You can't be successful in cybersecurity without knowledge in IT, compliance, and—of course—cybersecurity. This training pathway bridges the gap between little to no knowledge and cyber expert.

No set-up required

Get right into the course content to level up your cybersecurity skills—no tricky set-up steps or virtual machine configurations required. 

Hands-on assignments in our cyber range

Apply what you know to complete assignments inspired by what cyber defenders do on-the-job. We'll provide you with free lab hours in our powerful cyber range to practice what you learn.

Additional cyber range time available

Want some more time in our cyber range to continue to hone your skills? No problem—you can buy additional cyber range time for 50 cents an hour. (This isn't our pathway to millions—it's just to cover the consumption costs and any support needed. We just want you to learn!)

An on-demand, at-your-convenience experience

This course is self-paced and designed to work around your schedule. Learn best at 2am after drinking a pot of coffee? We won't judge.

Join Us on Discord

Come join us as we talk cyber, privacy, tradecraft, tools, and other ridiculous and random things in our Level Effect Discord server.