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New Course: GTK Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

New Course: GTK Applied Data Science and Machine Learning

We couldn’t be more excited to be back on the blog to talk about a brand new course offering!

We’ve partnered with our friends at GTK Cyber to bring an on-demand experience for their Applied Data Science and Machine Learning course. This material has been taught at BlackHat, and we’re thrilled to make it available on-demand.

And while we’re still perfecting the experience for students and the course is in beta, you’ll get a steep discount to attend and help us improve.

What Is the Applied Data Science and Machine Learning Course?

The Applied Data Science and Machine Learning course will teach students how to use data science techniques to manipulate and analyze network and security data, ultimately uncovering valuable insights. Through a series of labs and real-world data sets, students will gain real-world experience and knowledge specific to modern cybersecurity challenges.

The course is comprehensive, covering the entire data science process, including…

  • Data preparation
  • Feature engineering and selection
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Model evaluation and optimization 
  • Implementing at scale

At the end of the course, students will be able to..

  • Rapidly explore, visualize and analyze security data using open source tools
  • Analyze big data and make data-driven predictions through probabilistic modeling and statistical inference
  • Identify and deploy modeling in order to extract meaningful information for decision making
  • Construct, train, evaluate, and deploy supervised machine learning models to solve difficult security-related problems
  • Construct unsupervised models for anomaly detection and other exploratory analysis

Who Is GTK Cyber—and Who Are the Instructors?

Heard of DataDistillr? If so, we’re already on the same page. 🙂

GTK Cyber and DataDistillr are run by the same group of folks, and they’re known for delivering high-quality cyber analytic training courses to students. Their instructors are experts in their respective areas, having the real-world experience needed to teach the content to students.

Charles Givre, CISSP and Curtis Lambert, CISSP from GTK Cyber will teach this on-demand course. Here’s a little more about each instructor.

Charles-1-1Charles Givre (CEO and Data Scientist)

Charles Givre is a solutions-focused Senior Technical Executive and Data Scientist with 20+ years of success across the technology, data science, fintech, education, and cybersecurity industries. His expertise includes data visualization, analytics, network security, information assurance, strategic planning, big data, business intelligence, software development, and program management.

Curtis-1Curtis Lambert (CTO and Senior Instructor)

Curtis is a Lead Data Scientist at DataDistillr who enjoys creating in both the digital and physical worlds. Before joining DataDistillr and GTK he conducted cyber security analysis for the U.S. Army and DOD in roles ranging from data scientist to malware reverse engineer.

What Will Students Earn Upon Completion?

Once students complete the on-demand content, they’ll be given two chances to pass the final exam. After passing the final exam, they’ll earn a badge to show off their hard work and efforts—and their newfound applied data science and machine learning knowledge. 🙂 

How Long Will the Course Be in Beta?

Students who apply to attend by February 1, 2023, will have access to the discounted beta experience. 

Learn more about the beta experience and the course by clicking the banner below!

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