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A New Cyber Defense Analyst Program Experience is Here!

Three successful years. Hundreds of satisfied and successful alumni. Plenty of feedback. Plenty of experience.

We're excited to release the new and improved version of our Cyber Defense Analyst (CDA) Live Training Program based on everything we've learned to date.

Our Fall 2023 Cohort has already begun, but you can apply to attend our Winter 2024 Cohort.

Hands-on Cybersecurity Training

No one questions a hacker's ability based on their theoretical knowledge of cyber—it's all about what they can do. So why do we train cyber defenders on theory rather than practice?

Real talk: Certifications based upon theoretical knowledge do not stop breaches and do not reduce risk. Action, skill, and ability do.

The Cyber Defense Analyst Program is a challenging and interactive experience that requires students to first demonstrate and then explain their findings, analysis, and applied remediation steps.


Explore the Curriculum

Each module builds upon itself to reinforce your tradecraft and knowledge over 12 weeks. Concepts learned in week one will still be applicable in the final week. Through this cycle, you will build an analytical process, tool mastery, critical thinking, and the ability to assess and validate your findings—in other words, your cyber tradecraft.

Fair warning: This course is NOT a bootcamp that will overwhelm you for 12 weeks. Rather, we'll work with you to develop your abilities for 8 weeks, and then we'll immerse you in a virtual Security Operations Center (SOC) environment for an additional 4 weeks. This is to provide you with realistic, "on-the-job" training and experience to make you career-ready. 

Afterward, you'll be ready to demonstrate your knowledge by attempting the CDCP certification over a final period of one week, putting everything to the test.

Please note that before enrolling in our Cyber Defense Analyst Program, you must complete the prerequisite course, Cybersecurity Foundations. Contact us if you found this flag as a student LE-H4KTH3PL4N3T.

Network and Email Security

Endpoint Incident Response

Network and Endpoint Log Analytics

Digital Forensics

Threat Intelligence and Security Operations

Security Operations Center (SOC) Training

Why Our Cyber Defense Analyst Program?

No frills, no fluff

The Cyber Defense Analyst Program is a fast-paced, 12-week program aligned to the NIST workforce role of a Cyber Defense Analyst. Learn the skills you'll need to be a SOC analyst—by doing the job.

Bridge the gap between theory and practice

During the first eight weeks, you'll develop the competencies you'll need to successfully mitigate, contain, and respond to security threats. This is achieved through live classes, real-world scenarios, and practical assessments.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Training

The last four weeks of the class will be spent working in a virtualized Security Operations Center (SOC) environment. You'll have tickets to triage and manage and will report to your SOC manager every week—just like you'd do on the job.

Career prep and technical interview practice

Get job-ready in our dedicated career curriculum that will take you from creating and polishing your resume and social profiles to networking and building your brand. We'll then round it out with real 1-on-1 technical interviews and strategies to succeed.

Lifelong learning access

Buy the course once and own it forever—including future updates and improvements made. Graduates will also have access to our alumni network and will receive extended career support.

Learn how to hunt for the adversary

Discover the art of outsmarting hackers as you master the craft of dissecting authentic malware samples, forcing them to toil for their entry into your digital domains.

John Hammond's Thoughts

This is what John Hammond had to say about the first iteration of this course.

And guess what? It's only gotten better.


What You'll Earn

Attending our Cyber Defense Analyst Program will take you from exposure to competency—and finally, to mastery of your craft. Demonstrate your ability and commitment to this field with our courses and milestones of accomplishment.


The Cyber Defense Certified Professional badge is a testament to tradecraft mastery. Badge holders have demonstrated a practical ability to hunt, discover, and defend networks from a multitude of threats, whether they come from inside or outside the network.


Takers who exceed the requirements for CDCP certification are awarded the Gold CDCP status. This badge sets the taker apart by showcasing their mastery of the tradecraft required to conduct sophisticated cyber analysis and investigations.

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Cost of Attendance

The Cyber Defense Analyst Program costs $11,000 $5,000.

A note on our new pricing model: We've revamped our Cyber Defense Analyst Program to cater specifically to highly qualified students seeking SOC Tier 1 and 2 positions.

Our students and alumni have expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the program, highlighting that it empowers them to outperform their peers. We ultimately recognized that some of the content in the course would be better suited for separate training courses or more advanced tiers (we're looking at you, malware development and penetration testing). As a result, we took the initiative to better streamline the curriculum.

This improvement allowed us to significantly reduce the cost of the program, making it more accessible to aspiring professionals. Our commitment to delivering top-notch education that specifically focuses on the requirements for SOC Tier 1 and 2 roles remains unwavering, ensuring our students receive the best value for their investment.

The new revised Cyber Defense Analyst Program is just as effective, offering a superior learning experience at a fraction of the previous cost, and demonstrating our dedication to student success and affordability.

Financing Options

We've partnered with multiple financing solutions to offer a range of options to provide flexibility in funding to start your cyber journey. 

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Open Doors Scholarship

As a company, we’ve committed a portion of each cohort for accessible education, ensuring we remove financial barriers for those who need a hand.

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Active Duty Military or Veteran?

We're proud to partner with VetSec, a non-profit organization whose mission is to help employ all veterans who want to pursue a career in cybersecurity.

We provide TWO VetSec members with a full scholarship to attend our program each cohort. In addition, VetSec members receive a $500 discount on our listed course price.

Details on how to apply are available to VetSec members. 

Thank you for your service!
*Please note that our Open Doors scholarship is not open to recipients of a VetSec scholarship.

Register at VetSec


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Winter '24 Cohort

January 22, 2024

Spring '24 Cohort

May 13, 2024

Fall '24 Cohort

Sep 9, 2024

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