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Rachel Bishop

Marketing Lead


5 min read

A Final Word From the English Major

There’s been a mighty disturbance in the force—one that evades all logic, all sensible happenings, and the boundary between fact and fiction. The universe has stopped dead in its tracks, questioning its own methods in the differentiation between the...

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1 min read

Meet Our Summer 2022 Scholarship Recipients, Nikolas Dutra and Christina McCurdy

We're thrilled to introduce our Summer 2022 scholarship recipients: Nikolas Dutra and Christina McCurdy!

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4 min read

4 Tips to Develop Good Study Habits

Studying is an art as much as it is a science.

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3 min read

Meet Our Spring 2022 Open Doors Scholarship Recipient: James McGrenera

Our Open Doors Scholarship recipient for our Spring 2022 Cohort was James McGrenera! Now that this cohort is wrapping up their journey, we wanted to...

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4 min read

A Mid-Bootcamp Update From the English Major

Two months ago, I wrote a blog where I candidly discussed my reservations about signing up for Level Effect’s Cyber Defense Analyst (CDA) Bootcamp.

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