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The Level Effect Blog

The intersection of cyber tradecraft, careers, and the latest news.

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4 min read

Designer, Farmer, Cybersecurity Analyst: Meet Frank Tran

I first found myself motivated to enter the cybersecurity realm when my friend and I were sharing stories about our career choices. By no means are we unfortunate or unlucky, and our choice to enter this field is out of a desire for stability. This...

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6 min read

5 Ways DevOps Improves Security

DevOps (Development Operations) is defined in many ways, and some folks are really passionate about it. To keep terms simple, I define DevOps as a mesh between software development and software deployment operations.

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4 min read

Cyber Defense Analyst Profile: Taylor Patterson

This week we sat down (remotely) with current Cyber Defense Analyst Bootcamp student Taylor Patterson.

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